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PMTbox is a Monthly Subscription with 2 boxes to choose from.

enjoy a stress free period with us!

We also offer a non Subscription box for those that are unsure..

We get it!

So if you are unsure try our PMTbox special!

Customise Your Selection

Pick your preferences as much as you like! change it every month or leave it as it is. Its up to you.
Your in Control!
Manage, pause, or alter your subscription whenever you like.
Super simple. Happy days.

Direct To Your Door

The orders are posted by the 15th of each month in order to arrive consistently at your door every month!

Delivered On Time

EVERY MONTH! Directly to your door so you get to enjoy your period with no stress! Everything you need is in one box AND its different every month so you will not get board!

Discover your PMTbox every month

Select Your PMTbox

Receive your PMTbox every month with a selection of Surprises and all the essentials you need! What more can a girl ask for?…


Meet The Maker

I came up with the idea to combining sanitary boxes with a wellbeing gift box that arrives every month. These boxes are made with love and contain up to 10 different products.


Personalised Gift Boxes Every Month

Because everyone’s period is different, pick what works best for you. If your needs change, you can always modify your box.


Everyone is different and we know this, with this in mind we offer you the ability to customise your box to your specific needs


We ship the boxes by the 15th of every month direct to your door


We are happy to answer any questions you might have, send us a message at

What Our Customers Say

Customise Your Box


Meet Vickie

Creator & Founder Of PMTbox

Hi Everyone…

Let me introduce myself to you all,
My Name is Vickie, Creator of PMTbox I am a Mum of 3 and Step Mum to 2! I have a successful business aside of this with my partner, but 2020 has hit us extremely hard I have been looking for another Venture that I can create of my own so here we are! I came up with the idea one night as I was scrolling through social media! I seen different advertisements on sanitary products and gift boxes. I suddenly thought about putting the two together and providing a gift box for us women.. why not treat ourselves once a month? We look after our Children, Family and Friends, Co workers and give so much to others.. Why not treat Ourselves to a gift box with your choice of Sanitary Products and Up to 10 Surprises every month! These surprises range from skincare products, make-up, bath products, Hair products, underwear, sweets, Chocolate, Crisps, toiletries, the list is endless.. It will be different every month! The number of surprises differ every month depending what products are added as costs are different.
I hope you take an interest in the giftbox’s I’ll be creating I only wish to make you all happy.. As we all know the struggles of day to day life! Don’t worry about having to go to the shops to buy your sanitary products or goodies.. or forgetting and having an accident while your out.. Or sitting in comfy and you have to get up and go out to get them from a shop.. I will do it all for you monthly no stress!
I’m excited to get started providing you all with ‘gifts with sweetness’ and launching the new business 1st October 2020!
We have all had a horrid start to 2020 let me help you by taking one stress off your shoulders!

Thank you all,
Vickie xxx